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Happy birthday Percy!!!

-pictures by Baron Wolman

45 years ago

Nice stuff at st dominics fair

Nice stuff at st dominics fair


He looked penetratingly at older man.Hair ,still wet after shower,curling up on the back of his neck,pale torso falling rhytmically.Robert froze.It was rarely to find Jimmy in such an …intimate situation.He could simply stand there the way he stood, staring at dark-haired one,who at that moment looked almost innocent. After a while he awake from the trance,in the end gazing wasn’t exacly what he came for.

-JimJam -he whispered trying to sounds ordinarily.The fellow fell over his other side.Shit. –Maybe he wasn’t…

-I didn’t expected watching me to be THAT interesting,and i wasn’t sleeping by the way…youre steps are heared from pretty great distance.

The same old mocking voice he thought while sitting down on the bed’s corner.So that prick knew he was watching him.Suddenly floor became interesting.

-Now,when you stopped  ignoring me,we must explain something.

Let me tell ya,how i see it:we didn’t exchange the word for two last days.Even Richard began to ask what’s wrong with you,and this already means something.And for gods sake,you’re avoiding me even at our concerts!

-It’s not as you think…-blonde protested shyly.

-That’s why  two last shows weren’t as good as always-he finished.And  after all we don’t want it,right? The last sentence was more statement than a question.

-F‘course…concerts.That’s the whole point-youger added, kind of complaining.

-Of course there’s something that bothers you,but you prefer to behave odd than tell me.So the point is OUR relationship.

Singers hard breatching confirmed him about his rights.He chuckled to himself.The blond was so easy to read.He decide to continue.

-So let’s refresh our memory.Two days earlier,after gig,when everything was still great…yeah there was that big after-party with those birds and ahh…-for a moment a ray flashed through his face.He mopped his head.Ehh…we both know we were drunk as lords and…he gave quickly look at Robert who seemed to analise his face.That made him loose his balance for a while.He let his hair fall over to hide confusion.

- something happened between us …

-accidentally!-the blonde let out a uncontrolled scream.

-exacly-he agreed,voice dragging.somewhere inside he didn’t want to hear that little correction.

-well…in any case nothing serious took a place- he shrugged,then looked on robert who seemed satisfied with this reply.he also should.

-strange that im the one who remembered that night-he told to give this conversation normal shape.

-yeaaaah-percy laughed.that party was hilarious.the last what i remember was a bet with bonzo who will drunk more…

- and that was you’re worst mistake.he always wins!they both shared a smile.their tense was back again.

-So what were gonna do?-asked younger,now relaxed.

-truely,im too tired to get  myself off that bloody bed-said jimmy

-we can stay here-and before find the meaning of his own words he laied down beside guitarist

-we might try that stuff,Peter gave me todays mornin-he turned and the huge smile seemed like invitation.


After hour,still laying,among fumes,joint sharing,mind opened.

Jimmy reflected first.He took a look at Robert’s hair.Golden curls.Now they seemed more golden and more curly than usual.All he wanted was his hands ranning thru them.He decided to took a strade and play with it.Than with another.And another one.

-My shaggy Percy-he muttured.He heard soft laughter nearby his earlobe.


-You have beautiful golden curls,Robert.The other man chuckled.He knew Jimmyh wouldn’t say that in normal state.But know…now dare he protested? He wrapped his arms around Jimmy and laied closer to his warm body.

-Ya know,what…-he started to gently kissing his jawline-i was scared that….

-That something happened between us?-dark-haired finished.Blonde simply nodded than began nibbling his neck.Jimmy gasped

-What’s more-he whispered,voice now rough from excitement.

He gave the last stare at Jimmy.Green iris sparkling, mouth parted,heavy breathing .

-that i won’t remember anything of it-he said firmly,closing the gap between their lips into passionate kiss.


so that’smy first oneshot,i knew its bad and idk why im posting that fluffy shit but nevermind

sorry for all the mistakes,english isnt my native laguage ….:X

TSRTS 1973

TSRTS 1973

when i enjoy the song im hearin:

when i enjoy the song im hearin:

well,happy 71st birthday sir Mick!keep rockin

well,happy 71st birthday sir Mick!keep rockin

my bus driver looks alike Charlie Watts lol

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